we’ve been preparing something special for you

the direction we’re heading in 2020 will come equipped full of surprises we’ve accomplished a lot since teamkilleveryone was born some many years ago. teamkilleveryone takes shape in independent art initiatives fueled where dreams meet passion. it doesn’t matter where. over the years the experience has taught us an amplitude of lessons. for 2020 we’re […]

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Dare Hopkins unveils Trending II: The Return, co-produced with The Maintenance

Dare Hopkins hits the scene leaving flaming steps in his path as if he came from the pits of hell with Trending II: The Return. The intro “Damn420” puts you in the direction the album plans to take including incredible deliveries all around with the flow hugging the co-produced audio. There’s definitely a conscious direction […]

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a bit of inspiration

often said among us “go do that once in a life time thing” sets a common underlying tone for a majority of our quests. that same feeling captures most of the essence with the teamkilleveryone art society behind the scenes. one of the greatest experiences we get to have is this human one. the ability […]

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