back up on our very radical-art-promotion bullshit

fuck around and find out. what’s up? we missed you. we miss a lot of things. we miss writing on our website casually like this. most of ALL we missed writing about tons of dope art and music we find online.

we focused on a gallery project called project: abracadabra.eth during the fall of 2021 through all of 2022. since then we’ve uncovered troves of incredible serendipitous experiences and art that’s too much to mention in this “hello world” post.

we never lost sight of the mission since 2011 (lowkey since 2009);

seeing you soon. pay attention ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ.

(if you’re reading this via email, you’re a true one and we wanna mail you stickers, write us back)




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