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“For what it’s worth, I understand how relative time is. I would often consider the element/phenomena while planning out my life / projects / brands / vision- sometimes we land on timeless things like “Portculture” a project that showcases a window of emerging arts of family back in New Orleans, Shreveport, Louisiana and other port cities. 

Something like that we always would say “how did we get the name Portculture, it sounds like it should have already been a thing” 

My answers were always somewhere around the mark of having enough foresight for naming. To where it almost feels like we connected with a parallel version of the brand. In another universe another group decided on the name PORTCULTURE, and have reach unimaginable heights.

WE (I am) are medium. Our brands and this outlet/window is connected to a tether in the cosmos.

A force that is not of this third dimensional realm we are familiar with.

It’s okay to talk about these things and how I feel. My feelings are valid, so are yours. Things are getting weird and you all are already aware of that. 

If you identify anything as having energy, or a vibe, you invite many other physical realm phenomena into your life. Or even possibility. Recognizing something contains energy, you become aware of the many forms of it (energy). 

There is energy with intent and that can be fine I feel, if you’re not set on manipulating others.

There is energy in exchange, if you are resonating good vibes with others you bring out the truth. You have to use discernment to understand the output. Not everyone is honest. You shouldn’t lie to anything you have no intent on killing.

Making art in this realm is so challenging. I don’t want to control the minds of people. I want everyone to be able to form their own opinions of myself, my artwork, the teamkilleveryone project, & project abracadabra. 

If you have made it this far, there’s more to come. If you’re aware, awake, and subscribed we would love to hear more from you.

It’s most exciting to be continuously working beyond a decade at building a brand/project like this. Through all the tough times. blood. sweat. and tears.”







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