carry onward, dreamer…

carry on. go and see the places you’ve always wanted to while you can.

we’re constantly reminded of how little time we have. days become weeks. weeks become months. months become years. we slip into routine and arrive at center stage nostalgia.

we cherish the past.

a lot of what creates this site comes from fragments of past inspirations patched together making what we consider our own unique vibe.

it’s common to be unsure of what’s next as well as afraid of the possibilities.

being presented options can weigh you down. the most important aspect to remember is never giving up.

since day one we did what we can to make it work. not everything is pretty, but eventually the pressure makes the gold more valuable.

they call it wanderlust.

how many of you reading this have taken risks to experience a new taste of life?

two weeks ago we explored some of southern California. we ended up seeing the beach, Santa Monica, Venice, hanging out in Pico Rivera. our goal was to “trap nfts” but the point was to soak in inspiration.

we hope you enjoy these photos and this video we made of our experiences there.


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