project abracadabra; we are who you think

project abracadabra

is our gallery project. we come from decades of showcasing emerging music & art in many different ways. we’ve written articles, hosted artist residencies, installed & exhibited art from coffee shops to premier festivals.

we will continue to do this type of work through the arts by creating a gallery.

abracadabra.eth is a network of brilliant thinkers who wear an affinity for art. it is designed to be a strategic art discovery source & gallery.

since we were early birds to the NFT & cryptoart space we find it exciting to share the story of the many artists & persons we’ve had the absolute pleasure of connecting with.

over time of course, it will evolve. we hope that our platforms serve as a solid way to appreciate emerging creators that deserve our unending support.

that’s all for now. please enjoy the works of our current favorites below. check back for updates on this post if you’re subscribed to our website.


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