we’re elated to introduce our ongoing music series

now and into the infinity of the internet, time, & space you will be able to enjoy a curated selection of music from our incredible friends and the musicians we discover throughout the cosmos. we’ve been wanting to roll this out for a while now and finally all the pieces have entered into alignment.

on this special release we have the honor of featuring the single On Track from Proper Channels, an emerging experimental rap group based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

find their latest album here: https://properchannels.bandcamp.com/album/scenes

Scenes was released April 28th by Proper Channels

Proper Channels releases Scenes

find more of Proper Channels online:

twitter | instagram | bandcamp

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2 responses to “we’re elated to introduce our ongoing music series”

  1. Tay Avatar

    love these guys, good stuff

    1. icarus

      they are legendary. they deserve the world.

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