featured artist: Tarik Mask

Long Beach, CA based illustrator Tarik Mask creates these incredibly outstanding pieces. almost immediately upon discovery he made his way to a favorite for our books.

in some of Tarik’s pieces he fits various themes of underlying messages accompanied by the faces of familiar characters and a variety of humanoid animals. Tarik doesn’t seem to hold back in bringing his mythical creations to life. they carry a type of energy the art world needs more of. we see it as authentic expression, others might read it as something else entirely.

Tarik combines worlds in his works. that’s the kind of imagery we enjoy deeply. it reads as artistic freedom. there aren’t too many other pleasures of the world that can compare to that fluid nature of expression.

“The Fear Parade” – represents the manipulators & the fearful, who live to spread more fear.

Stay inspired.. see more of Tarik’s work here:


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featured artist: Bobby Rogers

we’d love to introduce to you the photographic works of Bobby Rogers

meet visual artist Bobby Rogers. currently working in Minneapolis and New York. from the jump he’s been a favorite photographer of ours since we discovered him on our ello platform. Bobby creates iconic images pouring power into the royal reshaping imagery of Black cultures. he began his career exploring work on mental illness and addictions. that slowly led to his  interest in the DIY aesthetic of street culture and its influence into fashion. enjoy some of his portraits below.

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featured artist: Tyler Spangler

discover the bright and captivating works of Tyler Spangler

the work of Tyler Spangler is unlike most digital art we stumble upon. his work is completely addictive. his clients range from Chanel, Hermès and Nike to Outkast, Penguin, Red Bull, to even Samsung, Tumblr,  and Volcom.. and we’re sure many more…

his playful aesthetic fully captivates the senses. he’s sending you ironic phrases and a redefined definition of  “pop”

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the amazing body of the “tortured genius”

What is a poet? An unhappy person who conceals profound anguish in his heart but whose lips are so formed that as sighs and cries pass over them they sound like beautiful music. And people crowd around the poet and say to him, “Sing again soon”–in other words, may new sufferings torture your soul, and may your lips continue to be formed as before, because your screams would only alarm us, but the music is charming. And the critics step up and say, “That is right; so it must be according to the rules of aesthetics.” Now of course a critic resembles a poet to a hair, except that he does not have the anguish in his heart, or the music on his lips.
–Søren Kierkegaard, Either/Or

“May new sufferings torture your soul.”

photograph by @montcarver

An ominous request from a supposed fan. But this piece from the 19th century existentialist philosopher seems to say more about the nature of the artist than the desires of a follower. It speaks of a sort of transformation occurring within the body of the artist and sees the gap between the composer’s creating and the passerby’s hearing.

I’m sure we’ve all listened to a song or some other work and really enjoyed it, then later came to find out “I made this when I was going through…” What did we appreciate–a piece that slaps, or a process that is truly a biological masterpiece? How often do we marvel at those lips which Kierkegaard spoke of, the lips which belong to the bodies who have such compassion for themselves (and for you) as to reconstruct healing artistry from ruin?

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featured artist: Jolene Lai

Meet Los Angeles based artist Jolene

Most of her works are oil / acrylic based paintings. She uses her tools to bring us to a surreal, almost hyper realistic, storybook realm. Creating porcelain like doll figures- Jolene surrounds her subjects with off the wall fantastic settings with convincing concepts. Every scene painted is unique in each way capturing several meanings left to the observation and interpretations of the viewer.

“I often frown when I hear comments about the need to fit into the mold to be deemed complete.

I understand where they are coming from, but i more so want to believe in the value of individuality and the importance of freedom to express our own uniqueness through what we choose to do.

The new year’s here, are you going to fit into the mold, or step out of your comfort zone?” [x]

For more of Jolene Lai’s works:

If you find yourself at Think Space Art Gallery in LA Jolene tends to have work hanging there.


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the no pencil society of las vegas

photo source uknown

A new gathering is taking place fueled by the artcvlt group. It’s name is Artclub Las Vegas. The only rule is no pencil. You have to subscribe to their site/info to find the next gathering they usually take place on Wednesdays. Coffee, water, beer provided. Rumor has it on First Fridays you can get your portrait done by one of the members or take home some ill free style illustrations.