:2022: a wholesome cosmic drift,

checking in with you, we hope you are well

some good news & good vibes coming together quicker than we imagined. counting on our first art fair under our gallery project, project:abracadabra. it was seen on KTNV Channel 13 ABC in January.

PANDORA’S BOX, March 2022

we’ve been crunching at this project (&others) since the winter. we can’t express how excited we are to share now.

the balance of making art & sharing it are so viciously apart.

deciding how you want to be perceived could take years.

we’re doing our best. much more soon as always.

we have been trying our best to preserve our identity & mission to be unfiltered, uncensored, & unbothered.

if anything its consistency in this nature that we feel sets us apart.

our energy has been behind the creative wheelhouse for this (teamkilleveryone) entity for over a decade.

to our collective, our platform is a place for us to be ourselves. that will never change as it’s the cornerstone to who we are.

for those who wish to be part, we welcome you to be your most authentic self.

we rest on the side of what’s fair & true. we are inspired by magic as well as otherworldly phenomenon.

the bigger picture is always on the table with us. might you see this from when we first began.

it’s a honor to whomever may be reading this, that you will see us or have heard of us.

be well-see you soon,





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