our site went down for almost a week, our bad.

we apologize for going lights out for a brief moment in time.

with this happening it’s caused for further delicate attention to our backend. there might be an overhaul to our site, we’ll probably keep everyone informed on that later.

in the meantime, we’ve began accepting creator applications to PROJECT ABRACADABRA.ETH to begin populating our wholesome directory..

visit https://abracadabra.gallery/join to put your creator specific information into our sites to be on strategic display.

speaking of all this web 3 .eth mumbo jumbo, we invite beta users of our website to a complimentary teamkilleveryone.eth subdomain.

something to look forward to in the near future, we will be giving our dedicated lovers a free ENS subdomain. it will point to your wallet address. it’s free. it’s fun. you’ll enjoy it. email to: web3@teamkilleveryone.com for further assistance. a snapshot will be taken SOON, NOT ANNOUNCING WHEN.

do not follow us.


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