currently embracing Lewes Herriot’s immaculately surreal illustrations;

THE MECHANISM TO BLOOM (ed.11) ฮž 0.1 / $193

something cerebral, embodying a futuristically gnostic surrealism Herriot takes your imagination on a quest through these fantastical works of art.

i hope you stare long enough & uncover your own layer of meaning. one of my favorite aspects of gazing into Herriot’s art is the ability to discover something new each time.

once you notice the critters, once your notice the depth, it’s hard to escape fandom. one can be left wondering where this overall story takes place as each breathtaking landscape delivers exceptional otherworldly realms.

if you’re in the avenue for collecting art, Lewes Herriot has The Dark Inventory carrying splendid A3 prints. furthermore if you’re collecting digital art, each bid comes with a print, check out the goods on KnownOrigin & SuperRare.

(of course allow some time to ship from the UK.)

The Incetardian Gemini edition of 11. 6 available on

we’re huge fans of brilliant illustrative stylings & feel privileged to discover the art of Lewes Herriot.

find more of Lewes Herriot elsewhere:

twitter | instagram | superrare | knownorigin | bigcartel (PRINTS)


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