featured artist: André Greppi

Following the disappearance of reporter Kent Brockman, who weeks earlier went missing while investigating rumors of a Springfield based human trafficking ring, Marge now finds herself even more desperate, grasping for any lead that may help her finally uncover the truth about the disappearance of her family.

Carving her way through Springfield’s seedy criminal underworld, Marge stumbles upon Springfield PD’s involvement in a massive coverup operation surrounding a rash of recent unexplained disappearances. At the center of it all- Chief Clancy Wiggum and close associates Eddy and Lou. Lost in a blind fury as she put a cruel and messy end to their corruption, Marge failed to extract any information from the three, and was once again left only with lingering questions and a pile of bodies.

How long have Springfield’s cops been on the take? How deep does the coverup go? How many more lives must end at the edge of her blade before Marge’s thirst for vengeance is finally quenched? Find out next time on MARGE: Assassin 💀



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