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Bible Songs 1, opens with a riff that seems inviting enough; a mid-tempo groove pulsing along with an ever droning note emanating from Foley’s guitar; indicative of the album’s tone overall, greets us while introducing our first character. Reminiscent of their previous works in the most comforting of ways, this temporary lull only carries so long before exploding into a damn near constant barrage of post-punk/industrial insanity, reaching an almost entirely new depth of their panic inducing aesthetic.

“The Redeemer”, our first of 4 different Old-Testament-times characters, is a little girl resembling little red riding hood (though this time wielding a swinging hammer), en route to her Grandma’s house, through the forest, of course.

Seems simple enough,

Sounds even better.


In Teamkilleveryone’s interview with singer/songwriter Justin Foley, he acknowledges the conceptual lyrical recurrence of situational themes arising with people caught in jarring occurrences or life events that all confirm the fact that control is barely even an option considered in life.

 Well, as is tradition;

2 minutes and 13 seconds in, almost immediately after our gentle, borderline intro (well, in comparison to the listener’s immediate future, at least); Just as our introductory character finally makes her way through the woods and to her grandma’s house, Foley takes this moment of our feeling content or even slightly in control, to jerk the figurative wheel in a decidedly sly, yet necessary, drastic over-correction. This jarring moment serves as a necessary introduction to the next 20 some-odd minutes of your life as a listener to this holiest of sheerly unabashed, ugly, yet pure, collection of songs entitled Bible Songs 1.

The duo continue to carry us barreling straight towards absolute deconstruction of all that lighthearted subject matter mentioned only moments ago. I’d say these extreme jolts in tempo and overall dynamics should be gotten used to, but I’d be lying. I’d recommend essentially walking on eggshells in regards to even trying to remotely guess just what it is you’re in for, or where it is you’re going. The overall feeling I take from this album after the post-punk trio is done with me can only can be described as what it boldly represents; An absolute bloodbath.

I recommend reading the bible verses that each song’s title is referencing. By the time we are welcomed to question just what it is Moses has done in Numbers, because by the end of the brooding trsck, if you’ve been following along with the overall storylines of each song thus far; you’re about to be sick in a way you haven’t felt in too long.

One can only hope Bible Songs 1 is a sign of more Bible Songs to come. I’d feel safe in betting that a second batch of Bible Songs would find the band continuing to top themselves in emoting nausea-inducing biblical truths.

Out on Controlled Burn Records June 14th, be sure to catch the live stream of the album at


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