hits like these will last forever; Supersonic by Skrillex

we as a collective have carried the honor of enjoying the musical legacy of Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex.

the progress of this beloved creator is truly remarkable. from Note to Self (2004), to Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites(2011). the musical explorations all ended up here at Supersonic(2021).

Supersonic, in our humble opinion, is a masterpiece, furthermore it’s unintentionally becoming an ode to the new renaissance we’re entering.

can you imagine the feeling of hearing this track live as well as what others will get out of it?

it has just the right amount of… well… everything.

leading you with a hybrid of what is electronic dance, rippling bass, and impactful synth, Supersonic will have you on repeat. (just wait for that one part where they hit that reverse *dies*)

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