unbelievable landscape photo collages by Andrew Soria


Andrew Soria is a digital artist creating photo collages of urban environments. Using original photographs, these cityscapes are seamlessly stitched together and composited in photoshop. This technique allows a surreal point of view, capturing the culture and identity of the city.

Hell A
November 2019 โ€“ Photoshop cityscape using original images shot in and around Downtown LA. Inspired by the film Blade Runner.

Skid Row

Soriaโ€™s vibrant digital collages offset his own photography with a heavy dose of Photoshop, creating overwhelming cityscapes that speak to our never-ending search of perfection. While the skyscrapers and pawn shops found in his work may have a cartoonish quality, they attempt to reflect a very real longing on the part of the cityโ€™s unseen inhabitants. Soriaโ€™s skylines and underpasses overflow and use the cityscape as a stand-in for the individual in constructing a metaphor for our desire to fill the holes we see within ourselves.

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