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listen to U.K. based lyricist Dednd

we have a special treat for you from the U.K. we’d like to introduce east London talent, Dednd. looking to discover new music? vocalist Dednd lays his unique sound over futuristic beats somewhat strikingly similar to spoken word. August 9th Dednd released his latest album titled The Call. the album is where rhythm and blues meets conscious hip-hop. if you’re a fan of political messages and substance in your music…

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we’re listening to Shlohmo and you should be too

on August 1st Shlohmo graced the world with the official music video to his track Hopeless Hopeless appears on his latest album The End, which released March 22, 2019. if you’re new to Shlohmo here are some of our highly recommended songs Eating Away, Asleep On The 22, and Same Time. we conveniently placed them here for you to enjoy. find more of Shlohmo online: twitter | bandcamp | website

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featured artist: Scripts & PNGs

if you’re looking for obscure internet affirmations, Scripts & PNGs have you covered. love from Lyon, Scripts & PNGs is here to remind you of the very human stew we brew in. with excellent design work S&P takes typography and makes it uniquely their own backed with fascinating color palettes, rendering, and a variety of techniques. these are here for anyone who needs it; find more of Scripts and PNGs…

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July 19th Berger & Föhr with Joseph Shaeffer present WORK WORK

if you happen to be in Boulder, CO on Friday July 19th visit the Dairy Arts Center for WORK WORK this is an art show displaying the latest creations of design moguls Berger & Föhr with artist Jospeh Shaeffer. if you’re not familiar with who Berger & Föhr are, they are the design team behind the Ello social network. ( July 19 – Sept. 1 – Digital systems in design, painting…

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featured artist: Elodie Milan

take a deep breath and dig into the photography of Elodie Milan Elodie captures outstanding collections of portrait photographs. the texture and identity of each subject embodies a unique visual narrative. we think it has something to do with the eyes. they are the window into the soul. or it might come from the attention to detail of each frame captured. find more of Elodie Milan online: instagram | ello

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Shlohmo releases Ghosts, a hidden 2009 track

Shlohmo releases a hidden track from 2009 find some time and listen to Ghosts on July 8th Shlohmo shared an intimate post describing what it was like creating music in his earlier stages of life. 10 years ago he released Shlomosun on MySpace and helps describe the feeling: It was my first summer back home from college before I dropped out. I was interning at Dublab, staying in my old…

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Hodgy unveils new track “No Brainer”

starting off the month of July, Hodgy hits twitter with a new track. we’re always elated to share the latest with artists we follow online. today is the beginning to a great month with the public announcement of Hodgy’s hot new track, No Brainer. if you honestly missed the lyrical labyrinths he speaks you can finally get your fix. peep the new track: this track is streaming on major platforms…

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Phil A. “Leaves non-believers influenced” with New Slump Lords release

If you’ve heard of Hassan, Astro Blunt, or the record label Rap Is Fun, you’ve been exposed to a Phil A. production already. I had ran into his brand of hip hop and events almost 5 years ago in 2014. At the time Hassan was his right hand man, and vice versa. Phil A. helped with numerous singles and some albums for him as well, helping cement Hassan’s status as…

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New Orleans’ lo-fi mogul Friendkerrek releases a new album: The SP Diaries Part 2

if you’ve attended a number of homegrown New Orleans music events 2017-2019 you might have noticed the name “Friendkerrek” Friendkerrek is a force to the lo-fi beat maker community of New Orleans. today (June 27th) he releases the full stream to The SP Diaries Part 2 after teasing the world with a few select tracks. we have been following his journey developing his sound since his debut at The Willow…

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this is an AKIRA art appreciation post

AKIRA is a cult classic. if you didn’t know, now you do. (and what better site to show appreciation for it on…) this film has inspired a countless number of human minds since its release in 1988. if you’re unfamiliar with exactly what this movie is about here’s somewhat of a brief summary.. if you’re into secret government experiments and biker gangs check this. in 1988 Tokyo was leveled due…