Greetings and hello. We are Teamkilleveryone. The Milky Way art cult. We are a global collective of creators contributing to this platform promoting the arts and increasing visibility for artists alike.

Through happenstance we now are operating in Las Vegas, NV after originally being based in New Orleans, LA. We carry over a decade of experience when it comes to curating art expos, events, and other types of gatherings. So it is natural to promote the arts to this degree.

This page is dedicated to sharing artist opportunities we stumble upon while networking through Las Vegas. This page is updated as events expire.


  1. Register to join the 2nd edition of Art Battle Las Vegas! Enter for a chance to win $100 by competing against other artists in a paint battle royale!
  2. NEW. We’re publishing our friends’ gatherings on our site under a Calendar. Click here to view & add your event. We have a lot of organic traffic.
  3. 🔥 @ARTCLUBLV at March 1st First Friday 2019