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something like the alternative cartoon series AdultSwim, with hints of inspirations of early music discovery via MTV, or whats considered risqué or strange from pages of Hi-Fructose/Juxtapoz Magazine, while sharing similarities of a digital SCOPE Miami, TEAMKILLEVERYONE is the best kept secret on the internet.

since 2011 we’ve promoted what we’ve considered are emerging Artists, great musical finds, what we believe is “next”, & dedicated our energy to remaining unique against the mainstream grain.

for twelve years we’ve kept a focus on thoughtfully curating some of the dopest art, music, websites, & projects to our ever growing audience.

we exist because it’s important to become a time capsule for the rapidly evolving world we live in.

our passion for the love of art evolved into a shared affinity for what feels like our cult following.

TEAMKILLEVERYONE, to kill your ego & embrace a unified experience of art appreciation.

with COHART we predict we’ll be able to increase discoverability.

in 2021 we began focusing on premiering artwork as Project: Abracadabra.eth, after acquiring the ancient magical phrase “abracadabra” but as an ENS domain (Ethereum Name Service).

with a combination of these dynamic channels, we believe there exists an opportunity for strategic discovery for creators.