if you’re wondering what’s been up on this side of the internet,

to tell you the truth, our bad, we’ve been making a ton of artwork. by nature we are passionate dedicated artists living day to day based in Las Vegas, NV.

we are constantly shifting gears behind the scenes upgrading and improving to deliver the finest version of this site for our (phenomenal) audience.

unfortunately, we are not permitted to spoil the surprises on what we have been building for you.

we believe in the preservation of raw internet culture. what does that even mean you might ask?

do you remember when you found really cool artists on Myspace? or stumbled upon a rad project or brand developer, probably Johnny Cupcakes?

well we want to keep that same vibe alive.

if you want free stuff from us it’s imperative that you join our newsletter or create an account here.

so much more in the works.






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