we asked you to make an account on our website

and you’re probably wondering on about why did we do such a thing.

well if you managed to make an account and activate it, you’re going to receive an email.

in this email we’re going to ask you for your mailing address.

after, we will be mailing out cool art collectables to the homies who took the time to check their emails and respond to us.

we’ve made it to the year 2020 surprisingly able to write this story out more.

it’s definitely been a great experience writing into this website and having our efforts appreciated.

we amassed over 11,000 website hits.

if you wanted to make an account here hit this link, to register.

we’ll probably be sending our email out January 28th

this is a last call and a “happy new year” post.

have a great day. more soon.







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