we’ve been preparing something special for you

the direction we’re heading in 2020 will come equipped full of surprises

we’ve accomplished a lot since teamkilleveryone was born some many years ago. teamkilleveryone takes shape in independent art initiatives fueled where dreams meet passion. it doesn’t matter where. over the years the experience has taught us an amplitude of lessons.

for 2020 we’re working collectively together to introduce several prospects we think the arts can use.

one of those is a forum for events and the other is a new type of marketplace.

along with these unique tools we feel our readers deserve more free stuff from us too. that’s a thing. soon we will allow readers to join a mailing list to get rare art collectibles we make directly in the mail. you’re already ahead of the game if you’re subscribed to this art newsletter.

we want to say it sincerely means a lot that what we do here is appreciated.

we are very grateful to continue pulling new numbers and gaining followers/readers daily.

it’s humbling. we recognize we’re fortunate to have any of this.

don’t forget. we launched our first clothing collection ever and it features collaborations with a medley of artists.

each contributing artist gets paid when their piece sells. we had the honor of teaming up with other passionate individuals from different cities and countries to produce the 2019 fall / winter collection.

visit our shop for more information.






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