Dare Hopkins unveils Trending II: The Return, co-produced with The Maintenance

Dare Hopkins hits the scene leaving flaming steps in his path as if he came from the pits of hell with Trending II: The Return.

The intro “Damn420” puts you in the direction the album plans to take including incredible deliveries all around with the flow hugging the co-produced audio. There’s definitely a conscious direction with this piece. Dive in.

One thing for sure, Dare has it. He’s got the vision with taking rap and hip-hop to an enjoyable experimental level and it’s obvious with “PTSD”.

Black excellence. I’m finna double my rate. “GTA6” speaks to each and every freelancer in all of us.

The duo picks back up with energy on.. “The Energy”, the fifth track.

Closing with “New Religion”, The Return breathes life into a experimental hip-hop embrace. This album provides us with a nice reminder that great collaborations still navigate success with creatives.

We listened. It’s your turn.

listen to Trending II: The Return


One response to “Dare Hopkins unveils Trending II: The Return, co-produced with The Maintenance”

  1. Candice Joy Avatar
    Candice Joy

    Hell yea EAT DEN!
    This is one of those pieces of work you can listen to without skipping anything.
    420 is probably my favorite. And if I had to pick an audience it would be everyone. Preppy niggas, hood niggas, white kids, hip hop heads, old heads, the conscious crowd and of the course the ladies. Keep them coming.

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