New Orleans’ lo-fi mogul Friendkerrek releases a new album: The SP Diaries Part 2

if you’ve attended a number of homegrown New Orleans music events 2017-2019 you might have noticed the name “Friendkerrek”

Friendkerrek is a force to the lo-fi beat maker community of New Orleans.

today (June 27th) he releases the full stream to The SP Diaries Part 2 after teasing the world with a few select tracks.

we have been following his journey developing his sound since his debut at The Willow in 2017 with AF The Naysayer. since then Ryan (yeah) has partnered with a number of art activist collectives performing alongside a variety of outstanding musicians in the hip-hop & beat maker scene of New Orleans.

in late 2018 Friendkerrek announces the development of an independent beat maker record label calledย bag seasonย operated by a collective of musicians. (listed on internet cults)

catch them making moves in the community hosting events like Sequence at The Art Garage, or Counter Sessions at the Sea Cave*.

a few editorial picks from the album:

full album:

* the Sea Cave Arcade is an amazing community. the owners are extremely kind and they spend a lot of time creating a space for game lovers and music lovers. they are an all ages facility that won’t turn you away. 5/5


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