happy Good Friday; this is an updated note from mgmt

happy Friday, we were quickly reminded why it’s so important to focus on our website first

hi internet. we recently attempted to upload the above photo onto facebook and faced a number of errors. it was intended to be a promotional post featuring a break out series of photos we took with model Jade Orion. the post was also meant to update our readers that our web-store is fixed and that we have new merchandise available with a weekend discount code. (GREETINGS for 20% off & free shipping until 21/4/19)

in this attempt to use our facebook as a means of promotion we were reminded of its flaws when it comes to artistic discovery. our idea was to write a huge thank you note showing the appreciation of our wholesome “welcome back” and schedule it to post at 11:11AM. it didn’t go as planned. we will not continue to drag the site but instead make it more known of our agenda to bring our readers to the teamkilleveryone website consistently.

this reminded us why it’s so important to focus on our website and obtaining new subscribers.

building a brand is a daily endeavor. it’s cyclical by nature. consistency is your key to success. with this knowledge you will witness our promise unfolding featuring new artists, new music features, new creative writings, and a number of other inspirational content leaking out daily/weekly.

thank you for being apart of our story.

more soon.






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