our promise: quality

a letter:

it’s our sincere promise to each and every reader/visitor of our site that we promote and share quality. we understand how valuable time is. most importantly we understand how lucky we are to cultivate consistent readers and followers for the works we share. this all comes from a place of love & passion. a passion for art. a passion for uncensored content. a passion for creativity. a love for something authentic.

teamkilleveryone wants to become a place for you to discover something new constantly.

we encourage art that inspires and stories that motivate.

our ethos will never change.

stick around, tune in, subscribe, bookmark – we’re updating our website daily/weekly

it’s honestly exciting to make drastic changes/improvements on our page, just as its equally exciting to publish artists that deserve to be seen or heard.

again thank you for your support.

more soon.

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