Enjoy the official video for Nobody by Mitski

To me Mitski is the human version of the low key Jamaican spot that nobody knows about in town but they have the 10.99 special with enough food to bring home. Her vocal range is surprising and she has this aura about her that makes her seem like she probably wears Bape and Cvlt Aesthetics. Her music is really sad but also hopeful. I think she is more honest than a lot of other artist with her emotions and the things she goes through. Her vibe fits most moods and her songs and metaphors are almost nostalgic in a way. She reminds me of a based version of Lorde if that possible. “Bury me at Makeout Cove” is an earlier album that’s perfect to start at if you want to dive in. This song “Nobody” was making me cry all summer. Enjoy

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