Meet Los Angeles based artist Jolene

Most of her works are oil / acrylic based paintings. She uses her tools to bring us to a surreal, almost hyper realistic, storybook realm. Creating porcelain like doll figures- Jolene surrounds her subjects with off the wall fantastic settings with convincing concepts. Every scene painted is unique in each way capturing several meanings left to the observation and interpretations of the viewer.

“I often frown when I hear comments about the need to fit into the mold to be deemed complete.

I understand where they are coming from, but i more so want to believe in the value of individuality and the importance of freedom to express our own uniqueness through what we choose to do.

The new year’s here, are you going to fit into the mold, or step out of your comfort zone?” [x]

For more of Jolene Lai’s works:

If you find yourself at Think Space Art Gallery in LA Jolene tends to have work hanging there.

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