greetings, hello pals. here’s a letter.

teamkilleveryone is a site that began around 2010. it was created to be a platform to discover the latest from artists we became connected with along with what ever amazing stuff we discovered online. from musical artists to visual artists. all forms of creativity were welcomed on the platform.  apart of the idea was to travel and meet these artists, host events, and build community through the arts.

after being dormant for over 5 years teamkilleveryone returns with an entirely new family of artists and contributors. we are now a group of trusted curators some of you know and love. we’re working together to produce this handy new site featuring dope stuff all the time. we have a growing number of goals we are looking forward to accomplish within the first six months of launch:

  1.  provide weekly/daily updated site content. that’s FULL-TIME site operation and management.
  2.  develop a larger organic reach to help artist gain more visibility for their works.
  3.  produce artcvlt mini zines and mail them to our subscribers.
  4.  reach 500 email subscribers.
  5.  produce a new event series.

we will of course update our readers as these take place.

until then enjoy your stay. stay inspired.


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