dark hip-hop lyrical genius Chester Watson hits the cosmos with a new music video titled “40 Acres”

Florida based hip-hop wordsmith Chester Watson releases a new music video for “40 Acres” (featured on Project.0)

Chester Watson happily released his latest album called Project.0 earlier this year. We have been following this artist for quite some time now. Our predictions are everyone will be discussing his name in 2019.

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featured artist: Mr. Frivolous

We had the pleasure of discovering Mr. Frivolous online a month or so ago. We fell in love with this artist for a number of reasons. One of them being his consistency. Mr. Frivolous is always publishing emotionally charged new works of art. Most of his pieces lure you in with bright colors to eventually relay a message of, what we assume, are notes of self-discovery.

Most works are charged with an outstanding color pallet and poetic letters that help you develop a sense of your own humanity.

Taken from his official website:

Mr.Frivolous is an artist from London in desperate need of a haircut. The majority of his work is deliberately depicted in felt tip pens due to the fact that he knows he can get a double pack of 24 for £1 from Poundland. Some of of his artistic influence include Gustav Klimt, David Bray, Aubrey Beardsley, Jack Kirby, Audrey Kawasaki, Mike Allred and last but not least Pat Butcher. After 15 years Mr.Frivolous is still a Smashing Pumpkins fan and is seeking help for purchasing every single season of the OC DVD box set.

We’re huge fans of the way Mr. Frivolous’ way of expressing his creativity, we hope you enjoy his works as well. He has a ton of prints for sale also, so definitely collect.

Find Mr. Frivolous online:


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listen to: The MINT by Earl Sweatshirt (feat. Navy Blue)

Hip-Hop genius Earl Sweatshirt hits the internet with a new song titled The MINT.

Obviously the hype is real and very much expected behind the new Earl. The world has been patiently waiting for the latest since his last trek through the industry with “I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside”. On November 20th Earl graced the internet with a single called The MINT featuring Navy Blue.
You can preorder his new LP called “Some Rap Songs” SRS by visiting his website here.
SRS is scheduled for release on November 30th, 2018.


best of 11/11

we went ahead and gathered a roster of some hot 11/11 music releases for you. we’re making things easy for you by putting all the dope stuff we find online in one central location. this is apart of the milky way art cult singularity.

enjoy great music and connect with the artists if you enjoy their songs.
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new music from Caveman. he published a new extend play on 11/11

latest from our brother FRIENDKERREK

enjoy latest extended play by Duhn B

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